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Want to extend the reach of your current blog or passion by connecting with holidays? Are you passionate about the Holidays?

Write with us and expand your community

We accept article submissions by writers, bloggers, vloggers, activists, and professionals who want to share holiday information. We allow a link on each article that links to your own blog or content.

Perfect opportunity for Bloggers, Vloggers, Professionals, Activists in a variety of topics such as:

  • Food
  • Animals & Pets
  • Travel
  • Business & Life Coaches
  • Environment, Sustainability
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Improvement
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Arts, Crafts, Hobbies
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Home & Garden
  • Spirtuality & Beliefs
  • Love & Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Science & Technology

We would love to see what you have in mind! Pitch your guest post column ideas using the form on this page.

What we do not accept

By opening contributor blogging on this site, we are only interested in content writers who are interested in writing and connecting holiday activities and events to their own passion.

We do not accept paid link requests, link exchanges, advertising-type posts, paid reviews or single guest posts for the sole purpose of gaining a backlink.

If you submit a request for any backlinks or a post with the intention of gaining a backlink for your clients, you will not hear from us.

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Guidelines for Article submission

  1. Articles must be written in alignment with our Writing Guidelines
  2. Article submissions should be high qualtiy, unique, compelling, fun, informative, and holiday focused.
  3. We do not accept articles that have been published in any form elsewhere.
  4. No generic or re-spun content. Our readers want to see new ideas and unique content provided in your own style.
  5. Write in your own voice that will allow our readers to get to know your uniqueness that encourage audience growth for your own blog.
  6. Share lots of your own images as is fitting for the article. For example, if you are a food blogger who shares recipes, add your own images of the process and completed item.
  7. Format your submissions with headings, sections, bullets, etc.
  8. Provide a by-line about you and your website or social site. We allow a link to your own website and 2 social sites. We will not accept links to others’ websites, affiliate links or businesses who pay you to guest post on their behalf. That is something you can do on your own website. This opportunity is to promote your own passion and grow your website community.
  9. Share the article on your own social media and be engaged! 

Articles may be edited as needed by HolidaySmart editors

By submitting content on HolidaySmart, you grant us the rights to publish and post your article across our websites and share on social sites.

Complete the form to get started. 

Become a Columnist

As we continue to grow, we are offering columnists their own feature column in their area of expertise that relates to holidays, observances, celebrations, events and calendar dates. We are open to new writers but specifically seek writers who have an existing blog that compliments their HolidaySmart column. 

Here are some ideas for columns that create a community and connection with your own blog or website:

  • Food bloggers: write about foods and recipes for a specific holiday and link back to your website for the complete recipe!
  • Travel bloggers: write about your experience in traveling for specific holidays all over the world or local experiences in your area and link back to your site for more details on the destination.
  • Churches and religious blogs: write about celebrating specific holidays in your faith and showcase your religion
  • Businesses: write about various holidays and observances and integrate how your product or service adds to the holiday experience.
  • Niche Bloggers: write about your niche in association with holidays and link back to your site for more on your niche

Join our community and grow yours!


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