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As the go-to destination for all things holiday-related, is where magic meets marketing. With a vast and engaged audience, your brand can be part of the stories that captivate and inspire during holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Whether it’s families seeking a magical retreat or couples dreaming of a romantic escape, your brand will be front and center in the minds of those planning their perfect holiday getaway.

Why Sponsor Holiday Content

    Partnering with Holiday Smart means more than just visibility; it’s about creating a memorable presence. From bespoke articles to visually stunning features, your brand will shine amidst our fun content, resonating with our audience seeking the epitome of holiday experiences.

    Amazing Positive Branding!

    Holiday Column Topics

      Sample Sponsorship Holiday Blogs include

      • Traveling for the Holidays
      • Celebrating Planet Earth
      • Celebrating Holidays Sustainably
      • Holiday Movies
      • Celebrating Secularly
      • Blended Holidays (Christian-Jewish, others)
      • Holiday Craft Corner
      • Keto Cooking for the Holidays
      • Craft Corner
      • Happiness & Loving Mindset at Holiday Celebrations
      • Coffee & Holidays
      • Holidays with Pets
      • and more

      Position your brand in the spotlight of joy and celebration

      Reach beyond borders

      Reach beyond borders and connect with a diverse, global audience of trendsetters, influencers, and decision-makers. Your brand will not only be a part of the holiday traditions but will also leave a lasting impression on an influential audience ready to embrace the festive spirit.

      Let us create the ultimate sponsorship content package for your brand

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      Please tell us about your Business, Organization or Brand and complete as much information in the questions below to help us create a custom strategy. 

      Amazing Positive Branding!

      Holidays bring people together and people are always seeking fun new ways to celebrate, new ideas, and new trends. Put your brand in front of people who are happy and in a holiday spirit and create a positive connection with your brand. Build Brand likability with fun, positive and happy emotions in connection with your brand.

      What we do for You

      • We love our sponsors and show our appreciation! 
      • We create a custom content strategy to align perfectly with your brand’s objectives and we tailor our content to ensure maximum impact and resonance with our fun audience.
      • We work with your marketing team and focus on your voice, your target audience, cause or message you want to convey, and your brands overall goals. 
      • We spread the word by promoting and syndicating the sponsored content across various media and platforms for more exposure and engagement.

        Our goal is to provide amazing content to our readers and visitors while providing a platform for positive branding for our sponsors

          Let’s discuss your brand goals and how we can create holiday content that is meaningful to your target audience. 

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