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Our mission is to Unite the World through Holidays and Celebrations. What better way to learn about and celebrate the similarities and differences in our cultures that are happy and fun and meaningful, then through holidays!

Here are some of the things offers:

At, you can find holidays related to your favorite topic, such as “pets”, “fandom”, “food”, etc. We want you to celebrate what is special to you so we make it easy and fun for you.

HolidaySmart is a work in progress and we need your help to keep it going. We are just getting started on our holiday & observance exploration around the globe. And we are continuing to build on our daily fun and noteworthy holidays to bring you the easiest and best way to find the daily information. Our calendar is one of our best features where you can sort through holidays by category and we will be integrating the calendars with ical and google calendar so that you can easily add all those fun, silly and noteworthy days to your personal calendars, or keep track of your favorite Pet (or other topic) holidays. Our next step is “Create your own calendar” and save or print. Help us achieve these great features so you and others can enjoy!

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Do you have a fun or notable holiday that is worth sharing with the world? HolidaySmart is the Expert in Holiday Creation. We designate holidays for businesses, organizations, influencers, and individuals and share them with the world.  Get Started and Submit your holiday as a daily, weekly or monthly holiday. 

Become part of the Global Holiday Unification effort and help us Unite the world through holidays.

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